Topgolf is a golf experience that helps serious golfers and newbies enjoy the sport together.  It is our fall back, “where should we take Dad” for birthdays and Father’s Day and we’ve gone several times over the past years.  The first time we went with my toddler I had to rethink the whole experience and find out if Topgolf is kid friendly? The answer is yes, top golf is kid friendly, but I do believe there is an ideal age to get the most fun with your child and family.

topgolf bay


Your group is assigned a bay (think bowling lane).  Most locations have almost a hundred bays on 2-3 levels.  Each bay can accommodate up to eight guests, however only six can play at a time.  You rent the bay by the hour and can do either advance rental online (recommended for shorter wait times) or walk-in.

Serious golfers will bring their own clubs, but each bay is stocked with various clubs. 

Different games are available to play with different scoring strategies.  If you are more into the fun and less into the skill, the who can hit the furthest targets and get the most points game is simple enough.  I would estimate an hour for a full game with six players.  We usually stay for at least two hours and play two games.

During your turn you select your name from the screen to start.  My sister hit a lot of balls for other people because she kept forgetting to select her name.  The club triggers the sensor and a golf ball will roll out.  Each golf ball has a chip, so it registers where you hit to track your points.  We usually take 3 swings per turn. 

topgolf bay


There is a full-service bar and restaurant that you can enjoy even if you aren’t coming for golf or while waiting for your bay.  The bays have comfortable seating to watch the action and socialize with your group.  Servers come to your bay to take food and drink orders.  The menu is delicious upgraded American bar and gill food at reasonable cost.  The bar is fully stocked, and I highly recommend the craft of sangria.

They have a breakfast and weekend brunch menu.  It looks so good I would go just for weekend brunch without planning to golf.  The everything bagel flatbread with smoked salmon is calling my name.  I got very excited over the Impossible Burger but there was a nationwide shortage, so they were out but I’m going back just for the burger!

Special Events

I’ve attended several professional banquet style functions in their private meeting rooms.  The food selections don’t disappoint.  The setting is very nice and can be spruced up to fit the type of event and you would never know you were in a sports venue.  The best part is the amazing roof top terraces bar that on nice days is a perfect social space for cocktails.

topgolf roof top


This is a year-round facility.  Each bay has a heater.  Now, I’ve been during the winter and although it is doable, I’d recommend an extra layer to stay warm.  I probably would not bring a small child when it’s cold out. 

Topgolf is Kid Friendly

Topgolf is kid friendly and the venue is perfect for children over 5 years old.  They offer small sized kids clubs by request.  Non-walking infants in a stroller are fine.  Just make sure they are placed at a good distance away from the swinger and the stroller is locked.  Walking toddlers that can’t yet play is probably too young.  My toddler did not like staying in his stroller the whole time and it was not safe enough for him to walk around.  He is at that age that he loves to just take off running and there is no room and it is not safe to run around at all. 

I would recommend the daytime when going with kids.  The evenings turn into an adult bar atmosphere.  The rates are based on time of day.  The earlier times are more affordable for a family. 

topgolf bar



Chicago has two locations.  Although I’ve been to both the specifics of this review is for the Naperville location 


3211 Odyssey Ct.


Monday- Thursday          9am – 12am

Friday                                    9am – 2am

Saturday                              8am – 2am

Sunday                                 8am – 12 am


$5 one-time membership card (tracks your score and can be used at all locations)

Open – Noon     $24 per bay/per hour

Noon – 5pm       $35 per bay/per hour

5-m – Close        $45-$7 per bay per hour

Wood Dale

Woodale prices per game/per person between $4 – $8

Wood Dale also has an 18 hole mini golf putt putt course for an additional fee.



Topgolf is kid friendly

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