Sesame Street is an American institution.  I grew up with it and it has been a joy watching my son enjoy the same.  My favorite movie of all time is Follow That Bird.  I tried to get my son to watch it but he was more concerned that Elmo wasn’t in the movie.  I was more than excited to take him to Sesame Street Live.

What age is appropriate for Sesame Street Live?

My son was over a year and half and was definitely able to sit through the show. He knows all of the characters and was able to recognize what was going on even if he couldn’t follow the story line. He was a little overwhelmed by it all and didn’t quite get into the songs and dancing. I would say any age from toddler to school aged children would definitely enjoy.


How long is Sesame Street Live?

The show is one and a half hours with a fifteen-minute intermission.  It was a little on the long side for my toddler but he did ok. We went to the first show of the day and still struggled with the nap time crankiness. 

What characters are in Sesame Street Live?

We went to the Make Your Magic show. Of course Elmo is the star of the show but all of the major characters each come out with a grand entrance. I of course enjoyed the classic characters like Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, the Count, and Oscar. But the newer characters Abby, Rosita, and Gonger were all on stage!

Does everyone need a ticket?

Everyone needs a ticket no matter the age.  No lap children.  Most performances are in smaller venues with good viewing from most seats. 

Is there a Meet and Greet?

Select performances offer meet and greet tickets immediately before the show.  Advance tickets are required. 

Does Sesame Street Live start on time?

The show started right on time so get there early and find your seats.  There are vendors in the lobby so allow time to check it out.  Give yourself enough time for last minute bathroom breaks and snacks from the concessions. 

Are there vendors?

Have money in your budget to pick up a souvenir.  Most items are priced between $10-$30.  We got a super large coloring book and a Cookie Monster bucket.

Do they sell food?

Typical concession food is for sale.  The lines got long luckily, I brought my standard toddler snacks of goldfish and juice. 

What to expect at Sesame Street Live?

This is a show geared toward young children.  It’s not quiet.  There is talking, crying, laughing, getting up and being chased.  Very easy to get distracted from what is going on the stage.  Just pack your patience and enjoy!

The show is great.  The stage is bright, and the characters come to life.  The songs are catchy and upbeat.  Don’t be afraid to get up and dance with your child.  The characters come out and dance down the aisles and there is also select audience members who participate on stage. 

If Sesame Street Live is coming to your town you will not be disappointed.  Toddlers and young children will have a blast and you will enjoy relieving your childhood. 


Check out their website for local showings.

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