Troll Hunt at the Morton Arboretum

Trolls at Morton Arboretum

I saw this weird large looming creature when I was driving on I-88.  Several days later my husband said he wanted to go see the Morton Arboretum trolls.  I had not clue what he was talking about.  But like always I sought out the information.  Sure, enough the Arboretum has a special exhibit of these large wooden trolls.  We tried several weekends but always had issues with weather or a screaming baby.  We finally made it out with my parents and 9-month-old son.  Besides making the mistake of letting my dad navigate with the map and my son falling asleep during most of the time we had a great time.

Trolls at Morton Arboretum
Cried the whole car ride fell asleep as soon as we arrived.
  • The exhibit is included in the regular admission price.  Parking is free. 
  • There are six giant structures scattered all over the Arboretum.  The exhibit has been there since summer of 2018 and will remain until June 2020. 
  • Go to the website or call to find out the times for the bus tours.  We missed the tour but think it would have been a great option for us with two seniors and an infant.
  • There are two options, you can walk to each troll or drive and park.  The total hiking distance is six to seven miles.  We chose to drive, and park and it worked out great there was still some walking, especially up the big hill.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring water.   
  • Go to the Visitor’s Center and get a map.  The maps help guide you to the right area, but they still require some interpretation.  It also helps if your infant doesn’t turn into a goat and starts to eat the map. 
Trolls at Morton Arboretum
  • Plan to spend several hours if you want to see all the trolls even if you are driving. 
  • There is so much to do at the Arboretum. If you are troll hunting plan on that taking up your whole day. Stop by the Visitor’s Center and find out about everything they have to offer.
  • The troll hunting wasn’t really stroller friendly. Most of the paths have wood chips, grass, and uphill climbs. My husband used his backpack carrier.
  • Morton Arboretum is not the most frugal family outing. A lot of people opt for a membership as it pays for itself after a couple of visits. You can also get free passes from most local libraries. You may use other select Chicago area museum memberships for admission.
  • Pack plenty of water and snacks. Please be mindful that this is a nature center. Dispose of your trash and do not climb on the trolls.

Check out more info about the Morton Arboretum Trolls

WGN Giant trolls invade Morton Arboretum



Morton Arboretum is open 365 days from 7:00 am to sunset. The troll exhibit is scheduled to be open until June 2020.


  • Adults ages 18–64, $15 ($10 Wednesdays*)
  • Seniors 65, +$13 ($9 Wednesdays*)
  • Children ages 2–17, $10 ($7 Wednesdays*)
  • Children 1 and younger are free

*Wednesdays are discount admission!




Morton Arboretum Troll Hunt

One thought on “Adventure with the Morton Arboretum Trolls

  1. This was a great family outing we made a memory. The Trolls was an adventure going from one to the other and 👀 ing the GIANT Trolls each with different characteristics. For a grandmother I was able to walk, keep up and enjoy the family outing with the grandson in tow.

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