A Review of the Chicago Hamilton Exhibition

I’m obsessed with Hamilton.  I have the soundtrack memorized and seen the musical twice.  I even participated on a professional panel discussing Hamilton’s career as a lawyer.  Going to the Chicago Hamilton Exhibition was on my list all summer.  When I heard it was leaving at the end of the month, I bought tickets for my next free Sunday.

Entrance to the Chicago Hamilton Exhibition
  • Ticket are purchased online for timed entry.  Our entry was 2:00 pm we didn’t get there until 3:00 due to traffic.  We were able to go right in with no problems.  It was not crowded at all on a Sunday afternoon.


  • We parked at the Adler Planetarium lot at the intersection of Linn White and Solidarity.  Parking was $20.  There is a trolley that runs frequently to take you to the exhibit.  Look for the tent.  There is still a short walk from the trolley to the entrance. 
Trolley Stop for the Chicago Hamilton Exhibition
Chicago Hamilton Exhibition Trolley Stop
Chicago Hamilton Exhibition Trolley
  • It took us about 2 hours to get through the exhibition.  There are no bathrooms once you enter the tour, so use the bathroom right before going in.
  • They give you an audio device that narrates the tour through the exhibition.  Make sure your hairstyle or headwear can accommodate headphones. 
  • There is a part of the exhibition that requires 3D glasses.  3D glasses never work for me with my eyeglasses.  I would have enjoyed it much more with contacts.
  • I would not recommend for little children with short attention spans.  There is a lot of information that requires the headphones.  Although the facility is ADA compliant, I think a stroller would be a lot of work and a fussy baby would really distract from your experience and the experience of others.  They also use a lot of sound and lighting which might be stressful to kiddos. 


  • There is a snack shop with sandwiches and pastries, and a bar serving alcoholic beverages.  We had no problems carrying in a bottle of water during the exhibition.
  • I recommend seeing the musical before going to the exhibition.  The special soundtrack is the background music and it really sets the tone.  A lot of the lyrics from the show are tied into the displays and I think the context might not make sense if you had not seen the show.  I believe you will get the most out of your time if you’ve seen the show.
  • The caveat to that is school aged children. This exhibition is a great history teaching tool. I appreciated that it told the full story of all peoples that contributed to the founding of our country including natives, Africans, enslaved, and women. It showed our true and diverse and history. It acknowledged our troubled past and ongoing challenges.
Best quotes

This was an amazing experience and one of the best exhibitions I’ve ever seen I don’t really want to go into details about what you will see because I think the surprise of what comes next really made it special.  I’m glad I just went with my parents who have seen the show and love history.  We took our time and just enjoyed.  #hamex

I love this clip from Ellen with Lin-Manuel Miranda and fan favorite presidential Macey Hensley

Ellen Show
VIP Tour if Hamilton: The Exhibition



Monday and Tuesday: Open 12:00 PM – Last Entry at 4:00 PM (Galleries close at 6:00 PM) Wednesday: Open 10:00 AM – Last Entry at 4:00 PM (Galleries close at 6:00 PM) Thursday-Saturday: Open 10:00 AM – Last Entry at 6:00 PM (Galleries close at 8:00 PM) Sunday: Open 10:00 AM – Last Entry at 4:00 PM (Galleries close at 6:00 PM) Special School Group Hours beginning at 9:00 AM on Monday and Tuesday. Operating hours may vary from the schedule above.


Adult prices are $39.50 plus handling fees. Senior (65+)/Military prices are $32.50 plus handling fees. Children and Youth from ages 4-14 are $25.00. There are discounts for groups of 10+. The audio tour is included in the ticket price.




Hamilton Exhibition

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  1. The price isn’t too bad really. My middle child went to Chicago with my x husband recently on a trip to do some touristy type activities. We might go ourselves, it’s not too long of a drive over from Minnesota actually. Anyway, thank you for sharing, hopped over from your tweet which I saw on the facebook group. Cheers!

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