Indoor playgrounds are all the rage.  In the Chicago area with our unpredictable weather they are the perfect solutions for indoor play. Bumblebee Play Cafe Indoor Playground in Elgin is a wonderful indoor playground. Perfect for children of all ages and a bonus for parents the coffee is great.  The facility is over 22,000 square feet plenty of space to run around and have fun. 



The entrance area has a nice sized café with ample seating.  The menu is a large range of kids favorites such as chicken tenders, grilled cheese, pizza, and my favorite the mac and cheese squares. The hot and iced coffee drinks are the perfect appeal to parents.  Plan to have lunch or grab a coffee.  The prices are reasonable. 

Bumblebee Play Cafe Big Kids
Big Kid Play Area


The best part of the Bumblebee Play Café are the two separate rooms.  There is a 5 year and older room with a huge jump pad, multiple slides, crawl tube, and much more.  Endless fun for your older kids to run around.  The maximum recommended age is 12 years.  Now my one-and-a-half-year-old is very adventurous and thinks he can hang out with the big kids.  We went into the big kids’ room and he had a blast.  I had to keep a closer eye on him and felt more comfortable with him in the little kids’ room. 

Bumblebee Play Cafe Little Kids
Little Kids Play Area

The little kids’ room is 4 years and younger.  It’s nice that the little ones can run around without worrying about getting trampled by the big kids.  There are a couple of slides, a crawl tube, and a perfect area for pretend play with a grocery store, fire station, and kitchen play set.  My son loved riding the little cars around the track.  There’s even a baby area with bouncers, blocks, and learning tables.

Little Kids Pretend Area

Plenty of seating in each room to sit and observe.  Although you’ll probably be more hands on in the little kids’ room.  Bring your stroller for little ones, there is plenty of room.

Birthday Parties

They have six private party rooms that hold up to 100 people.  You can book online and select from several packages. 


No matter what always keep an eye on your child.  However, it is easy to lose sight for just a quick second especially when they are in the crawl tubes.  Remind your children about basic safety rules.  There is one entrance that is monitored.  Everyone has a wristband but that’s really to show you paid and doesn’t offer any extra security. 


Ranges from $9- $12 depending on the day of the week.  Discount for multiple children.  Over 12 years old is free.  Under 11 months is free.

Happy Hour (no, not that kind) after 3pm Monday- Thursday – $6

I’ve gone twice on the weekend and it has never been overcrowded.

I have to share this story.

The first time I went to Bumblebee Play Cafe Indoor Playground my son was not yet walking.  I was going on a play date with some friends that had toddler age children.  It was our first play date and I was super nervous because I wanted to be accepted by my new “mom” friends.  I got there right on time and quickly learned that play dates never start on time because, hello getting out the door with little ones is always a feat. 

While I was waiting my son had his first diaper incident in public.  I totally panicked.  I went into the restroom by the front door not knowing the nice big restrooms are in the back by the party rooms.  This restroom was so small, I was baby wearing so I didn’t have my stroller as a place to put him so I could get everything assembled for the task at hand.  Obviously with a lot of prayer and one-handed maneuvering I got it done but I think both of us were traumatized by the experience.  But one thing you learn as a mom.  How to be better prepared next time! Luckily for me it took over a year before we had our next public incident and I had an extra set of hands (although I forgot the extra set of clothes). 


  1. All children playing must wear socks.
  2. I know older siblings like to help out with the little kids but make sure they are being mindful of others in the little kids area.
  3. Please make sure your children know you go down slides. Nothing is more annoying than watching your child waiting to go down a slide because another kid is climbing up the slide.


1015 N. Randall Rd. Elgin, IL


Bumblebee Play Cafe

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