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Thinking about buying tickets to Baby Shark Live and need a review to get an idea of what you are getting yourself into? If you have a toddler, you have undoubtedly been inundated with the ear worm Baby shark.  On my list of most annoying things my toddler is obsessed with Baby Shark surprisingly ranks low and he is super cute when he does his Baby Shark finger motions.  When some friends suggested we check out Baby Shark Live, I agreed to go with no clue of what to expect.

So, what is Baby Shark Live? Well it is not just playing Baby Shark repeatedly it is an actual play with characters, songs, and a thinly put together story line.  Familiar songs like Five Little Monkeys and Wheels on the Bus keep the show intriguing for the children.  But the most audience thrilling part was the first bars of “Do, do, do” sequence as a teaser throughout the show.

The first half ends with a full rendition of the song.  At this point I think the show has reached its peak and an intermission is unnecessary.  I’m wrong.  Baby Shark Live returns after a fifteen-minute intermission.  The characters come back and do more of the same.  And then the grand finale.  A solid ten minutes of EDM Baby Shark.  It was a very long eighty-minute show and my toddler loved every single second of it.

Baby Shark Live VIP

The show has VIP options such as a meet and greet with the characters and orchestra pit seating which I was afraid would turn into a toddler mosh pit. The Meet & Greet Upgrade features access to an after-show Meet & Greet photo opportunity with Baby Shark and Pinkfong along with an exclusive Baby Shark souvenir bag. Tickets aren’t cheap so I really can’t understand the added expense for these extras.  But to each their own. 

Overall my toddler loved it.  He was thoroughly entertained and I’ll suffer through almost anything to see hi smile. 



Baby Shark Live


The live show is traveling to over 100 cities in North America


Shows are scheduled until June 2020

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