I’m Chantelle, a lawyer, wife, and mother. I’ve been practicing law since 2006 and have enjoyed a successful career as a public defender, family law attorney, and child advocate. I married my husband in 2016 and he came with 4 wonderful young adult children. We had our son in 2017. Making the transition to a full-time working mom with a demanding career was quite daunting but we have found a way to manage. My husband and I have overlapping schedules so he does the morning routine I do the evening routine. We are blessed that my parents provide childcare. We also have a fabulous pit mixed named Kaizer.

Because of our work schedules most Saturdays are spent with just me and my son. I cut back on a lot of social activities that don’t involve him because I miss out on so much time during the week. I try to find things to fill our time and get us out of the house. Warm indoor events during the Chicago cold winters and fun outdoor events during our well-deserved summers. Going places with my son is super intimidating. I’m a planner and like to know what to expect. I realize with a child you never know what to expect. But to the extent that I can I like to be prepared. Usually before we go somewhere, I look online at the website and for reviews. I noticed that a lot of what was available online was lacking the “information” that would really be useful when venturing out with a little one. I love reviewing places and sharing tips about how to get the most out of an experience, I thought maybe other families would find this information useful. Thus, Family Fun 411 was born.

Contact me about your favorite family fun places Chantelle@familyfun411.com