Baby Shark Live
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What is Baby Shark Live?

Thinking about buying tickets to Baby Shark Live and need a review to get an idea of what you are getting yourself into? If you have a toddler, you have undoubtedly been inundated with the ear worm Baby shark.  On my list of most annoying things my toddler is obsessed…

kuipers pumpkin fun farm logo
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Kuipers Pumpkin Farm: All Inclusive Fun

Kuipers Pumpkin Farm has all the fall festival fun with the bonus of a free U-Pick pumpkin.  We filled up our time completely at the pumpkin farm but Kuipers also offers apple picking and towards the end of the season offers a discount for both experiences.  What I like most…

Sonny Acres Sign
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Sonny Acres: A Family Tradition Continues On

Sonny Acres has been a staple in West Chicago as a family pumpkin farm since 1883.  All summer long there were rumors that the long-time owners were selling, and Sonny Acres would not reopen for the fall festival.  However, word slowly trickled out that Sonny Acres is under new ownership…

siegel's pumpkin farm logo
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Fall Family Fun: Siegel’s Pumpkin Farm

The first time I went to Siegel’s Pumpkin Farm was 5 years ago with my family and teenagers.  We had such a good time especially getting lost in the maze.  I couldn’t wait to visit again with my toddler and experience some of the other activities that Siegel’s has to…

jack's pumpkin pop up logo
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Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up: An Urban Fall Fest

When you think of fall pumpkin festivals it usually involves schlepping the whole family to a distant suburb and soberly bearing through the whole experience.  Well city dwellers schlep no more.  Jack’s Pumpkin Pop-Up is the perfect answer to having fall fun with a delicious cocktail and even some axe…

Jacks Pumpkin Glow Logo
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Pumpkin Glow: What You Need To Know

The newest attraction to the standard fall festivities is Jack’s Pumpkin Glow.  Produced by the Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, The Pumpkin Glow is making its first appearance in the Chicagoland area and it is a must see. Family Fun 411 was invited as complimentary guest of Jack’s Pumpkin Glow all…

Henry Ford Museum
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Your Top Answers about the Henry Ford Museum

The best way to explain the Henry Ford Museum is a Smithsonian with an entry fee.  It is an assortment of American history artifacts more than just cars.  What began as a collection of Henry Ford’s history objects he started collecting in 1906 turned into this amazing museum.  It is…

Round One Arcade Aurora
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Round One Arcade: Bowling & Amusement

More than Just a Mall Arcade The mall arcade has come a long way from when I worked at the mall in high school.  Round One Arcade has locations in malls across the county and have more to offer than just loud, flashing, video games. Bowling The biggest draw to…

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Yes, Topgolf is Kid Friendly

Topgolf is a golf experience that helps serious golfers and newbies enjoy the sport together.  It is our fall back, “where should we take Dad” for birthdays and Father’s Day and we’ve gone several times over the past years.  The first time we went with my toddler I had to…

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